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Design & Staging

At Ocean Estates Design, we can help prepare your home for sale...or just give it a fresh, updated look.

We repurpose your existing pieces and work within a budget.

Let us see what we can do to help you get the maximum value for your home.

​Custom Lighting & Electrical

Our Red Seal Master electrician can warm up your space in no time with funky and different lighting.  No job is too small, and the change is undeniable.

Specialty Audio & Video Installations

Call us today for a quote!  We can install your audio/video systems or provide you with a new, state of the art system that will suit your needs.

Commercial / Office Design

Operating a business can be challenging and as a business owner, you need every advantage on your side.  An invitng place of business can translate into clients wanting to visit...or a modern, updated look will convey that you are up on the latest trends and able to meet your clients needs.  Give your workspace a unique look and make your company stand out.  Show your visitors who you are.

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